How to Sign/ Log Out from Gmail/ Google accounts From android

The Android platform is synonymous with Google, and after you unwrap your own Android phone first thing Google needs is for you to sign in with your Google account and sync yourself up.

But if you’ve got a phone that is rooted you do not want to constantly be watched over by Google. Or perhaps your phone’s been stolen and you also wish to create extra-sure which nobody can get your data (even though a PIN should really be your first line of protection). No matter your situation, here’s the way to log out of your Google account on Android.


How to sign from Gmail accounts on Android

Whatever your reasons may be, I’m sure you have to have considered signing out of this Gmail app, or any of those Google applications (Sheets, Docs, Google Play Music etc) and realized that they just don’t have a signal out alternative. Yes, that is correct, any of the Google apps on Android apparatus or the app don’t have the signal out option.

To sign out of either Gmail or some of the apps on your telephone, you need to sign from your Google account on the device. You will be also signed by this from all apps on this device.

Log Out Google Account on Android Phone

  1. Go to “Settings of your phone
  2. Then Accounts” then tap your Google account.
  3. Click “Remove Account” on the final screen. It’ll warn you that this will delete contacts messages and other information from the phone, but do not worry. You can always get these back should you sign up.

Log out of Google Account Remotely

  1. If your cell phone’s already been stolen, or if you’re concerned that you are signed in on temporary or old devices, you can go to to sign from any devices remotely.


  1. Once on the website, click on “Secure Account -> Your apparatus” then click the three-dot menu icon beside the devices that you would like to sign out of your Google account on and click on “Sign out”.



This is the way it is possible to sign with no access to your apparatus out of your Google Account. for more check about shelly brawl stars.

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